Lockley Road

I used to go down to the tracks at lockley road
Every afternoon on my way home
We'd stop down at the corner store on the corner
Of Hutchinson Avenue
We'd smoke a joint or two and sit down on the sidewalk
And think of something to do
You came up with nothing, and that turned into something
And that something still reminds me of you

But you're gone away
Just like all the people
That lived on that street
And we're so far away
Now that we're so old
And we feel the same
Sometimes I like to walk down Lockley Road
When I'm alone
I sometimes like to walk down Lockley Road

The street signs out live the faded memories
And they'll be here when we're all gone
I'll never forget the times we had there
Growing up in the neighborhood
I remember having fun back in high school
With my old friends in my old house
The people came and went and I guess we grew up
The times have changed, we're still the same