New and Used

I'm feeling like the last in line
I'm right back where I started
I'm working all this overtime for nothing extra
I draw myself in cartoon shapes
With my pencil crayons
I sit inside and clothes the shades
And waste my days off
It's like I'm hooked on sniffing glue
I run around and scream my throat dry
It's like I'm feeling new and used
And looking vintage

It's not too late to ask me why
It's not too late to say goodbye
It's not your life
So you can't choose
I've got this feeling I'm new and used
New and used

I walked alone across the bridge
Out of the basement
I looked inside, rang the bell
I sat there waiting
I walked around the town again
And counted car lots thinking of you
The signs in the windows said "reduced to sell"
-A Jedi mind trick
Spinning your tires, going nowhere
Spraying mud and grass everywhere
My middle finger speaking the truth
I'm down and out and new and used