Hey! Welcome to my site! I'm Riley Smith. I'm a songwriter from Victoria, Canada. I've been writing music since I was fifteen years old. I'm now 27. I'm pretty sure I got started playing music by banging pots and pans with spoons when I was just a toddler. As I got older I longed to play the drums- and in the sixth grade, I started playing snare drum in the school band. And, although I couldn't yet play guitar, I had my eye on it and just knew that learning to play it wouldn't be very hard. So, I borrowed my cousin's bass guitar for a few years, and started playing along to some of my favourite songs by bands like Everclear, Green Day, The Offspring, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Bass guitar wasn't enough though. In the ninth grade, I got my first electric guitar, and a chord book. I took a few lessons but found that it was much more fun to just play along to cd's, or make things up. Which brought me to writing. I have always been into poetry, and music was a way of doing it that didn't seem so nerdy. When I was in high school, I played in a band with a couple of friends, and we called ourselves "Standard Issue." It was fun, constructive, and exciting. Over the past decade, I have written tons of songs- mostly acoustic guitar numbers about life, love, and growing up.

In 2007, I recorded my first single with professional production. I recorded "A Song For Dave" in Vancouver as a tribute to my stepfather who had passed away earlier that year. It ended up being a tremendous experience for me, as it helped me through a difficult time, and showed me how rewarding recording can be. The Following year, I decided to record another similar single, but this time in Victoria, BC with producer Adam Sutherland. My dad and I tracked a tribute song called "Ronnie" which was inspired by Ronald Smith (1950-1964). I enjoyed recording at Infinity Studios so much that I decided it was the place to record my first full-length album, "Lockley Road." Tracking for the album began in 2009 with producer Jason Cook. Together we recorded 8 songs by the spring of 2010. However, I decided not to release the album right away, as I wanted to take some time away from it, listen to it for a while, and work on some other things. Then, out of nowhere, my good pal Darren asked if I would like to join his band. He was working on a project called the "Wiley Fawks Band," and was in the late stages of recording a full-lenth album when I got involved. We did a few shows together, and went on a horrendous tour that left me with many hilarious stories to tell.

In the spring of 2011, I figured it was time to do something with Lockley Road. I had spent so much time and effort on it, but I was doing nothing with it. But it seemed like something was missing. It was only 8 songs, and I wanted it to have something more. So, I decided to record four more songs (mostly ones I had written recently). These four tracks were produced by Adam Sutherland. I felt that these songs were fantastic and really helped make my album feel complete to me. Please understand that Lockley Road is fictional, although it is inspired by life. I hope you enjoy listening to it, and I do look forward to reading your comments about it on Facebook and Twitter! Thanks for reading, and thanks for listening!